Introducing CHOK-A-BLOK!

UK based CHOK-A-BLOK Ltd introduces the innovative CHOK-A-BLOK webbing guard which has been specifically designed to offer strap and cargo protection during transportation. Damage caused by ill-fitting or badly protected webbing straps is an all too common occurrence during loading, transport and unloading and this innovative product – designed and manufactured in the UK provides a robust point of protection.

The guard was invented by professional engineer Alec Richardson in response to his son Alister’s need for more effective protection for his race boat. It has been designed so that once in place it remains secure allowing the webbing strap to glide up and down and avoid friction damage to the cargo. The CHOK-A-BLOK has a second benefit in that its slightly raised edges will protect the webbing from chaffing or fraying on rough surfaces.

Alister commented, ‘The standard industry practice in the boat transportation world is to cut pieces of foam or felt, fold them to the required size and then place them between the strap and the surface of the vessel as a form of padded protection. However, as the cargo moves – particularly on long journeys or heavy seas, the webbing straps would flex and this wadding would invariably fall out leaving the gel coat and the vessel vulnerable to chafe.’

The guards are already being used to protect the exterior finishes of expensive boats by specialist marine logistics company, Peters & May. Angus Bruce Jones, the company’s MD was quick to recognise CHOK-A-BLOK’s ability to protect vessels’ gel coats during transportation and recently praised the product’s capability saying, ‘CHOK-A-BLOK enables Peters & May to globally deliver boats in top condition, avoiding the occasional inevitable marks and potential damage caused by movement or vibration of lashing straps during transportation. We recommend the use of CHOK-A-BLOK for all craft, irrespective of size.’

It was soon realised that CHOK-A-BLOK was multi-functional and local truck drivers were using them to protect their cargo in transit. By protecting the webbing, the CHOK-A-BLOK near enough eliminated damage to the strapping ensuring its life was extended. The foam backing variety of CHOK-A-BLOK ensures that the cargo in transit inside the truck or lorry is protected against damage caused by the webbing.

Manufactured in the UK the polypropylene CHOK-A-BLOK guard has a bonded Plastazote ® foam backing and is easily and swiftly attached to the webbing strap where it will hold its position while the strap is positioned and securely ratcheted. It can be moved up and down the webbing strap according to the support required and where necessary two or more units can be butted together to extend the protected area.

The Plastazote ® foam is lightweight and flexible yet sufficiently tough to protect the cargo’s surface. It is moisture resistant, non-toxic, UV stable, CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) and HCFC (hydrochlorofluorocarbon) free and will not mark, stain or corrode surfaces with which it comes into contact.

Information regarding UK trade supply, trade pricing or distribution can be obtained from John Sweeney of Packaging Aids Ltd; International enquiries should be directed to Alec Richardson or Linde Martens of CHOK-A-BLOK Ltd.

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